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Being one sole person in this vast world… I can’t do everything. I have to find my strengths and make sure I am being my best self in this world.  I have to hope that my small contribution might make a difference in one LIFE, an animals, a humans, and our planets. There is so much that I wish that I can do but if I spread myself too thin, I am serving no-one.  So I have plotted my course… a vegan restaurant that hopes to rebuild a stitch of community in this small space. The coolest thing about it, is I meet so many people doing amazing things in their powerful way.  So I can spread my connections to change for the better by supporting those that are doing things that you are not.  Together in this tight knit way… we can be HUGE! We had non-profit, Goatlandia, at the restaurant for a benefit dinner last Sunday night. They are doing amazing work.  Helping so many animals and humans.  Check them out here.   Below is their story  – Jennifer Jones Horton

In the Beginning:

Goatlandia started after its founder, Deborah Blum, moved from San Francisco to NW Santa Rosa. A former commercial pilot and restaurant owner, Deborah gave up the city life and has devoted herself to the belief that all beings deserve to be happy, and to live free of harm and fear.  The newly acquired acreage enabled her to have space for a few chickens and a couple of goats.  One thing led to another – her love of farm animals grew, as did her furry and feathered family. Almost all of animals were destined for slaughter, unwanted, sick or born with birth defects. They were rescued, healed, made to feel safe, and very loved (and a little spoiled).

Goatlandia’s Mission:

—rescue farm animals and create a safe, loving home for them

—inspire love and appreciation for animals by providing an opportunity for people to meet and interact with the animals

—promote and inspire an eco-vegan lifestyle as a way to heal the planet, our bodies, our conscience and our communities

—be a place for people to experience compassion, have fun and do cool things together

One thing in particular we are extremely passionate about here at Goatlandia is introducing our animals as therapy animals for special education for all ages. Recently we went on a trip for an adult day program and community of loving individuals taking care of these humans. Bringing our blind baby lamb, Max , there for a visiting day was what they stated “the highlight of their year.” To bring that standard of joy and happiness through one of our own special needs animals couldn’t be more rewarding to Goatlandia to showcase why we do what we do.

Making a Compassionate Change

Need help making a compassionate change or just want to learn what’s possible on a plant based diet? We can help. We offer individualized mentoring to help people transition to a vegan, plant-based diet and lifestyle. Discover delicious cruelty free food, awesome shoes, clothing and household items, and make choices that promote kindness and compassion. We think pretty much everyone likes the sound of that.

We are all about promoting a compassionate, healthy lifestyle. We are committed to educating people about the plight of farm animals, the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and sound environmental practices. Eating plant based and adopting a compassionate lifestyle is one of the easiest, and most effective ways we can improve our health, heal the planet, respect all beings, nurture our hearts and souls, and spread kindness and compassion.

Come and Visit – Goatlandia

We love visitors, and the animals enjoy meeting new people.  Brush a goat’s coat, rub a pig’s belly, watch chickens run around and scratch, they love it!  We are happy to host group or individual visits, school field trips, small family gatherings, and anyone interested in seeing the sanctuary, meeting the animals, making friends, and learning more. We’re here to have fun and help – just let us know what we can do


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