Vegan and gluten-free events

What is a Monday Community Night? It is a chance to hear a local business talk briefly (about 5 minutes) about who they are and what they do. They are available for questions about their business, life tips, and YOU are helping to support the local community. Our goal is to help promote small community businesses at Sanctuary Bistro.

What are the Benefit Dinners? (monthly on a Sunday): Each month we feature a local non-profit that benefit animals, social justice, education and/or arts. It is a 3-course meal for $50 and 30% of the meal is donated to the non-profit.

If you are a non-profit seeking support or a donation, please submit this form.

Who is the featured Artist?

March, April, May 2017: Featured Artist: Scott Miller

About the Artist:  Scott Miller is the Director of Business Development at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition where he engages industry stakeholders on environmental impact and social justice issues. Scott was featured in James Cameron’s Emmy winning climate change docu-series “Years of Living Dangerously” for his Climate Corps fellowship at Caesars Entertainment and for environmental auditing at The Honest Company.  Scott’s passion for photography took hold in a high school darkroom, developing his images of urban wildlife and the volatility of growing up in Los Angeles in the early 90s. Since then his camera has been his constant companion, accompanying him on trips to many different countries and locales.  Scott’s unwavering dedication to the environment resonates in this series capturing the endemic species of the Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, where Scott did a 7-day jungle trek.  Sadly, these animals are on the brink of extinction due to mass deforestation for palm oil production.  All proceeds from the sale of these images will benefit the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS).

Sunday, May 28: Benefit Dinner: Girls Garage

Cultivate the raw brilliance of youth through rigorous, hands-on design and building projects in the classroom and in their communities.

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating


Oyster Mushroom Chowder

Entrée (choice of)

Tofu Scallopini
Pan-fried Hodo Soy scallopini tofu, with a rich mushroom sauce, twice baked potato topped with shiitake and seared veggie trio
Spicy Blackened Portobello
Spice-rubbed Portobello mushroom, smashed potatoes, avocado garlic aioli, smoked rainbow carrots, stoneground mustard sauce

Dessert (choice of)
Mint Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake
Cashew cheesecake with a pecan and almond crust
Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
With vanilla ice cream

About Girls Garage: Girls Garage is a program of the nonprofit Project H Design. Project H was founded in 2008 by designer and builder Emily Pilloton to celebrate and cultivate the raw brilliance of youth through rigorous, hands-on design and building projects in the classroom and in their communities.  The program inspires girls to bring their audacious ideas to life and to thrive, now and in the future. Integrating design, engineering, serious skills and social justice, the Girls Garage program equips girls with the confidence and tools to build anything they can imagine and to grow alongside one another and their communities.

June, July, August 2017: Featured Artist: Brandi Aceves

About the artist: Brandi Jae Aceves was born in Lebanon, Oregon and while she grew up in San Mateo, California she has always kept the vegan animal lovin’ country girl in her heart. She studied art in High School and some studies at College of San Mateo while working on her teaching certificate, but in many respects she is self-taught. She has exhibited her works online through, Bjwanderlust on Instagram and #fullcirclecreativearts on Facebook, Festivals and local coffee shops. A number of her projects are a part of the campus at Belmont Oaks Academy in Belmont, CA. Where she is a full time teacher. Keeping busy Brandi does commission work and 3 to 5 festivals a year. Always creating new and keeping a small collection, reflective of both her previous and newer works in card & print form. These & originals are available at Treasure Island Flea and other Art & Wine Festivals. Enjoying life as A mother of three, free spirit, teacher and gifted artist!

Monday, June 5: Community Night: Spark For Humanity

Price: a La Carte
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
About Spark for Humanity: SPARK! For Humanity is a game that helps communities unleash their potential to work together and build trust. It holds space for people to share stories on a variety of fun and meaningful topics. It was founded in Oakland, California, by Rachel Rosen, a seasoned facilitator and racial equity leadership coach. She saw a need for a solution to challenges that diverse communities have to discuss meaningful topics authentically, to foster trusting bonds, and to ignite depth in relationships.

Sunday, June 25: Benefit Dinner: Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement (BAHIA, Inc.)

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating
About Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement, Inc.: BAHIA Inc. was established by and for Latino families in 1975 as a nonprofit organization to address an unmet need; high quality, bilingual learning environments where children grow to become successful lifelong bilingual learners. BAHIA is the only full-time; Latino nonprofit in Berkeley providing bilingual (Spanish-English) childcare and education to children ages 2-10 years of age. BAHIA is a respected leader in the community striving every year to improve the quality of life of children and their families in the community, with a particular focus on Latino families in Alameda County.

Monday, June 26: Community Night: Patti Breitman – “Even Vegans Die”

Price: a La Carte
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
About Patti Breitman: Patti Breitman is the co-author of How to Eat Like a Vegetarian – Even If You Never Want to Be One; Never Too Late to Go Vegan, and the new book, Even Vegans Die. Written with Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina, Even Vegans Die empowers vegans to make the best decisions regarding their own health, their advocacy for animals, and their legacy. With advice for care giving and care receiving, and choices about end of life decisions, this new book opens the conversation on the vegan promise of youth, health and longevity.  By addressing body shaming and disease shaming, the book calls for a more inclusive and caring activist community.

Sunday, July 16: Benefit Dinner: Immigranted

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating

About Immigranted:  We started in early 2017 and we have huge goals. We want to ensure that every immigrant can afford a decent education. Until the US government sees education as a right for every citizen, we will do whatever we can to ensure no immigrant gets left behind. Our mission is to enable all immigrant students to reach high levels of achievement and acquire knowledge, skills and the values they need to make a greater contribution to society.

Monday, July 31: Community Night: Timothy H. Joyce – “Swimming Holes in California”

Price: a La Carte
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
About Timothy H. Joyce’s Swimming Holes in California: The Second Edition (Black & White) of Swimming Holes of California includes over 500 pages of swimming hole material and descriptions. This edition adds more than 20 new swimming holes never reported on before including Lemke’s Lagoon, Paradise Pools, Wolfeboro Falls, Blue Streak, Dinkey Creek Granite Pools, Wishon Tule Water Slide and more. Further, all photos are 300 DPI or greater.  http://swimmingholesofcalifornia.blogspot.com

September, October, November 2017: Featured Artist: Gabriel Williams

About the artist:  Every image evolves in the eye of the photographer.  Gabriel’s passion and vision allow him to capture the evocative qualities of people, landscape, and all aspects of photography, while preserving the inherent beauty of the image. Landscape, red carpet events, concerts, and exclusive celebrity events are his intended venues.  His work has been featured in numerous media and intermediate websites, as well as blogs.  He calls San Francisco Bay Area home but he follows where his lens and creative drive take him.  His work is available for print or download and for commercial and personal purposes.  Please visit his website, follow him on Instagram and Twitter, for updates and recent work.

Sunday, September 24: Benefit Dinner: Jewish Youth for Community Action

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating
About Jewish Youth for Community Action: JYCA is a youth-led Jewish Social Justice Organization. Its vision is to educate, empower and inspire young activists by building a community based on trust, respect and cooperative process.  JYCA is a program created and led by youth to work towards progressive social change. They seek to educate, empower and inspire political, social, environmental and cultural awareness and action in young activists, guided by Jewish values of social justice.


Sunday, October 1: Benefit Dinner: Women’s International Fund for Education (WIFE)

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating
About The Women’s International Fund for Education : WIFE is tax exempt non-profit. Our aim is to provide financial support and mentorship to women worldwide, so they can attend college and build successful and innovative careers to improve their communities and the environment.  WIFE strongly values education for women, equality for all and environmental sustainability. WIFE understands that when women are in positions of influence in society, are well educated and in leadership roles, they can create immensely positive impacts in their communities. WIFE seeks to support young women in building a solid educational foundation and developing successful careers that improve the quality of their communities and the sustainability of the environment.

Sunday, November 5: Benefit Dinner: Women Eco Artist Dialog (WEAD)

Price: $50 (of which, 30% is donated)
Time: 6:30pm seating

About WEAD: WEAD is a a pioneering network of feminist eco­artists, educators, curators, and writers working toward the goal of a just and healthy world. We focus on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art. WEAD maintains an invaluable website ( that serves as a virtual gallery of eco­artists work, connects artists and curators with exhibition opportunities, and educates and enlightens through its ground breaking WEAD Magazine.


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