Barry Horton, Executive Chef

Chef Barry grew up in a small Kansas town with a mere thousand+ persons. As a boy, he watched cooking shows on PBS. He’d would bake cookies while babysitting in junior high and took cooking electives in high school. Starting as a pizza delivery boy, Barry worked his way up from making the pizzas to managing the restaurant.

He went to college at K.U. and worked in a BBQ restaurant later taking some time off and returning to be a chef apprentice at start up restaurant Marisco’s.   The passion was sparked and he attended the local culinary school at Johnson County Community College continuing to a more competitive culinary school in Oregon followed by his classical training at Le Cordon Bleu. He interned at The Ravens’ restaurant in the Stanford Inn and worked his way up from intern, to salad, to co-chef, eventually becoming the executive chef. Barry was the catalyst in transitioning the dinner menu to vegan. After more than five years at the Ravens’, getting married and preparing to start a family, he moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where he and his wife, Jennifer, created Local Love Catering. That brings us to today, where Barry creates seasonal gluten-free and vegan dishes to excite the palate.


Jennifer Jones Horton, CEO

A special education teacher for 17+ years, with hotel management, creative arts and more mixed in, giving back has always been something that is important Jennifer. Her first job was at a drop in center for youth and now, she wears many hats to make Sanctuary into exactly what it is – a Sanctuary for the people, the planet and the animals .

Ask Jennifer what hat she is wearing on any given day or any given hour and it may have changed. Mother of two beautiful vegan children, that she and Barry are raising with an understanding for compassion and love; catering coordinator and manager where she works with people to create an event from a party of 10 to a wedding of 200; front of the house manager- where she is honored to work with the most passionate group of people with the most beautiful hearts; accountant- oy vey… someones got to do it; and social connector. Sometimes she wonders where she will find the time… but there is always room for one more thing, capture and release of neighborhood feral cats so they are neutered and checked out. The most exciting project right now is the collaboration with Jenney Goot, of Three Hearts Urban Food Forest, where they are creating an urban garden classroom with monthly programs for bay area youth.


Steven, Line cook

Steven, our newest kitchen badass with a kindhearted soul, is a gardener. a brewer and a well rounded guy. He enjoys spending time with the love of his life – 7 year old daughter Elsa.  Sci- fi is his favorite genre for entertainment and his house and car are often heard blasting either heavy metal or classical. Steven grew up on a dairy farm in California and moved to the Bay in 1998.  He worked at Olive Garden as his first-ever kitchen job while simultaneously going to culinary school at Columbia College in California.




Meet the Staff Sanctuary Bistro

Flo, Executive Assistant

Flo was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, a country with 7,107 islands, lots of sunshine (and typhoons too), white sand beaches, 19 regional languages, and fun-loving people. Filipinos are known for their warm hospitality and devotion to Catholicism (three Popes had visited, Flo witnessed one).

Manila, being its capital, is an urban jungle of dirty politics, progressive BPOs (business process outsourcing), booming real estate, exciting nightlife, and the craziest traffic conditions. When she moved to the U.S., she was told that if she knows how to drive in the busiest thoroughfares in Manila, she can definitely drive in the U.S. ” Just follow the rules.” Yes, it may sound crazy but there are no rules (or discipline) in driving in the Philippines…thus, the heavy traffic. Despite that, Filipinos are known to be resilient – they managed to survive the perennial problems of traffic, government corruption, and strong typhoons.

Free time is usually spent watching sports (go SF Giants!), tv and movies, going to the gym, doing yoga, riding bikes, running around Lake Merritt, or just sleeping in especially on a lazy Sunday. She and her husband used to join marathon races and group bike rides before they got married. She even did two triathlons just a few months before her wedding. The training helped in keeping her look lean and tanned for her wedding day but too much time spent in the pool ruined her hair LOL. She may have slowed down since she got married in 2013 but she plans to be active again by next year (aiming for a half marathon).


Jamie, Server

Jamie started the week after Sanctuary Bistro opened. Jamie’s passions for health, nutrition, animal welfare, and humanist beliefs has led her to where she is today. An artist, musician, massage therapist, health educator, foster animal parent  and animal rescuer and a server at Sanctuary Bistro. Originally from San Jose, Ca., she graduated from the National Holistic Institute with licenses in massage therapy and health education. After graduation, she lived in Santa Cruz for three years and traveled extensively before moving to Oakland. In her free time, she volunteers at Whisper Rescue where she is paid in kitten love.  She has also started her own feral rescue program in her yard/neighborhood.  She catches, neuters and returns adult cats of the neighborhood as well as saving over 20 kittens who  have been re-homed so far! Whenever she is not doing those things her dog Cobalt and she hike and camp, like the best buds they are.

“Working for Sanctuary Bistro is not just a serving position, but a way to connect to the community through healthy and nutritional food that has been prepared humanely and compassionately.


Marie, Server

Marie is a southern Cali transplant for the last 6 years. She is a mom, a server, a yogi, and a ballet dancer.  Her dancing grace extends into all other aspects in her life.








Kris, Server

Krishna Lee was born in England but became a Bay area native at the age of 6. Raised in a Hindu family he has been a vegetarian since birth. In his free time he likes to produce hardhouse dance music and perform at various venues. One of his passionate Hobbies and buisenesses is being a Laserist and has been able to perform visuals for some of the biggest music artists in the world.






Cherie, Server

Cherie was born and raised in Thailand. When she was young, she enjoyed following her father who was a government officer to relocate to several parts of Thailand.  Thailand is an interdependent society and people often address one another as a relative.  People in Thailand are mostly kind, friendly and passionate about food.  Cherie had worked at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bangkok as a guest relation officer before moving to the Bay Area.  Then she graduated with Montessori Education and Early Childhood Studies and has worked in a few Montessori preschools in the Bay Area. Cherie enjoys working in hospitality business because she loves taking care of people and believe that happiness is best enjoyed while sharing with others. She feels happy and fortunate to recently join Sanctuary Bistro team.



Micah, Server

Micah is originally from Southern California but has lived in Spain and Argentina, and travelled all over. She has lived in the Bay since 2012. She loves dancing, backpacking, swimming, making jewelry, running in the Berkeley hills, and doing yoga.






Eli, Dishwasher/Intern

Eli was born and is in the process of being raised right here in the Bay Area. Since he was very young, he has been studying drums and bass, and currently attends Oakland School For The Arts, emphasizing on instrumental music. Aside from music, Eli spends his free time drinking too much coffee and talking to cats. If you find yourself overwhelmingly satisfied with the cleanliness of any dish on your table between 11am and 4pm Pacific Time on a Saturday, Eli is the one to thank.


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 BRUNCH: Sat, Sun 8:30am – 3pm

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December 24, 2017: Holiday Pre-ordered Meal pick up.  Order here.

December 24 – December 28:  Closed for the holidays.

December 29 – Closed for lunch, open for Dinner 5:30 – 9pm

December 31, 2017: New Years Eve Dinner: 6:30 seating.



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