Sanctuary Bistro 3-313Barry Horton, Executive Chef

Chef Barry grew up in a small Kansas town with a mere thousand+ persons. As a boy, he watched cooking shows on PBS. He’d would bake cookies while babysitting in junior high and took cooking electives in high school. Starting as a pizza delivery boy, Barry worked his way up from making the pizzas to managing the restaurant.

He went to college at K.U. and worked in a BBQ restaurant later taking some time off and returning to be a chef apprentice at start up restaurant Marisco’s.   The passion was sparked and he attended the local culinary school at Johnson County Community College continuing to a more competitive culinary school in Oregon followed by his classical training at Le Cordon Bleu. He interned at The Ravens’ restaurant in the Stanford Inn and worked his way up from intern, to salad, to co-chef, eventually becoming the executive chef. Barry was the catalyst in transitioning the dinner menu to vegan. After more than five years at the Ravens’, getting married and preparing to start a family, he moved to the Bay Area in 2009 where he and his wife, Jennifer, created Local Love Catering. That brings us to today, where Barry creates seasonal gluten-free and vegan dishes to excite the palate.


2014-11-16 14.27.42Jennifer Jones Horton, CEO

A special education teacher for 17+ years, with hotel management, creative arts and more mixed in, giving back has always been something that is important Jennifer. Her first job was at a drop in center for youth and now, she wears many hats to make Sanctuary into exactly what it is – a Sanctuary for the people, the planet and the animals.

Ask Jennifer what hat she is wearing on any given day or any given hour and it may have changed. Mother of two beautiful vegan children, that she and Barry are raising with an understanding for compassion and love; catering coordinator and manager where she works with people to create an event from a party of 10 to a wedding of 200; front of the house manager- where she is honored to work with the most passionate group of people with the most beautiful hearts; accountant- oy vey… someones got to do it; and social connector. Sometimes she wonders where she will find the time… but there is always room for one more thing, capture and release of neighborhood feral cats so they are neutered and checked out. The most exciting project right now is the collaboration with Jenney Goot, of Three Hearts Urban Food Forest, where they are creating an urban garden classroom with monthly programs for bay area youth.

Meet the Staff Sanctuary Bistro

Florence Clifton, Executive Assistant

Flo was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, a country with 7,107 islands, lots of sunshine (and typhoons too), white sand beaches, 19 regional languages, and fun-loving people. Filipinos are known for their warm hospitality and devotion to Catholicism (three Popes had visited, Flo witnessed one).

Manila, being its capital, is an urban jungle of dirty politics, progressive BPOs (business process outsourcing), booming real estate, exciting nightlife, and the craziest traffic conditions. When she moved to the U.S., she was told that if she knows how to drive in the busiest thoroughfares in Manila, she can definitely drive in the U.S. ” Just follow the rules.” Yes, it may sound crazy but there are no rules (or discipline) in driving in the Philippines…thus, the heavy traffic. Despite that, Filipinos are known to be resilient – they managed to survive the perennial problems of traffic, government corruption, and strong typhoons.

Free time is usually spent watching sports (go SF Giants!), tv and movies, going to the gym, doing yoga, riding bikes, running around Lake Merritt, or just sleeping in especially on a lazy Sunday. She and her husband used to join marathon races and group bike rides before they got married. She even did two triathlons just a few months before her wedding. The training helped in keeping her look lean and tanned for her wedding day but too much time spent in the pool ruined her hair LOL. She may have slowed down since she got married in 2013 but she plans to be active again by next year (aiming for a half marathon).



Jamie, Waitstaff

 Jamie’s passions for health, nutrition, animal welfare, and humanist beliefs has led her to where she is today. An artist, musician, massage therapist, health educator, and server at Sanctuary Bistro. Originally from San Jose, Ca., she graduated from the National Holistic Institute with licenses in massage therapy and health education.After graduation she lived in Santa Cruz for three years and traveled extensively before moving to Oakland. Now working as a part-time massage therapist she wanted to get more involved in a different way. Through food.

“Working for Sanctuary Bistro is not just a serving position, but a way to connect to the community through healthy and nutritional food that has been prepared humanely and compassionately .




IMGP0412Adriana, Waitstaff

Adriana has moved around often, but is proud to say that her home base will always be the Bay Area. It is a culturally diverse, open-minded and thriving community that always has something interesting going on.

Most of her time is spent on her studies, but she especially enjoys exploring the great outdoors, taking road trips up and down the (west-best) coast, cuddling her dog for hours, and reading thought-provoking books.

Sanctuary Bistro pulled her in with it’s compassionate community-based mission, and has kept her by being such a warm, friendly and thoughtful business. All of her coworkers are creative and genuinely kind, and the family behind the biz (Barry, Jenn and their adorable kids) are so sweet and inspiring.

Then there’s the food… if you’ve eaten with us, you know what we’re talking about. (mouth is watering right now thinking about it 😉 )

It’s very rewarding to work for a company that shares the values one cares about, from protecting the helpless, to providing nutritious sustainable cuisine, to being an open space to showcase amazing members of our world.

Come in on Monday dinner for community nights and learn more about what makes this place so special. Xo.

Sab, Chef de Partie

Sab was born and raised in a small town suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of 8, Sab moved from Pennsylvania to the East Bay Area (more specifically Clayton). Upon moving to the Bay Area, Sab unknowingly fell in love with the location. After moving away from the Bay Area in high school, Sab made it a goal to move back “home” as soon as possible. After enrolling and then dropping out of Academy of Art post high school graduation, Sab realized that formal education wouldn’t take them as far as building a resume in the customer service field. Sab moved to Berkeley in November of 2015 and began working as a server for the next year or so. After pursuing multiple possible career paths, like fashion design and fashion merchandising, Sab found their passion for vegan culinary arts. In August of 2016 after being laid off from their serving job, and thanks to a former coworker, Sab had the opportunity to apply and interview at Sanctuary Bistro as a line cook. With high hopes and nervous uncertainty of ability to meet the expectations of Sanctuary’s reputation, executive chef Barry Horton offered Sab a position in the kitchen. Sab now spends a majority of their time learning the art of vegan cooking under Chef Barry’s instruction, and spends their free time creating their own vegan recipes and posting them on their blog. Sab has big dreams to one day write and publish their own cookbook, as well as go on tour and visit different cities to teach the beauty of vegan cooking, as well as dismantle the myth of veganism only being accessible to those with wealth. Sab currently (and gratefully) lives in Oakland.


Rebecca, Server

Coming Soon.


Sanctuary Bistro is a neighborhood plant-based bistro that is healthy for the planet, the environment and all living beings. We create a sanctuary - a beautiful space to find peace while enjoying local organic healthy vegan food with a farm to table philosophy. Our Bistro is a warm, natural, organic location to enjoy with loved ones, family, and friends.  


  • Dinner Reservations Strongly advised

    Lunch and Brunch: First Come First Serve

  • 1019 Camelia St., Berkeley, CA 94710

  • (510) 558.3381

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