Thanksgiving Reflections and Walnut and Mushroom Recipe

I wanted to acknowledge Thanksgiving and reflect on the sad and horrific truth around this celebration – I don’t want to go into this holiday blindly and naively. Take a moment to learn the history rather than just the myths. True Thanksgiving involved genocide. There is a real dichotomy with Thanksgiving between the pilgrims and colonialism and the stories that we hear.

“If you happen to spend Thanksgiving in Plymouth Massachusetts this year, you can choose between two public commemorations. You can watch the official parade, in which townspeople dressed like pilgrims march to Plymouth Rock bearing blunderbusses and beating drums. Or you can stand on the top of Coles Hill with indigenous people and their supporters and fast in observance of what they call a “national day of mourning” in remembrance of the destruction of Indian culture and peoples.”  Read the full article here.


We must take a moment to remember the atrocities brought about by colonialism. We need to speak up about  the repercussions of the loss of so much culture and history through a destructive overtaking of communities. It is a time to make your voice heard.

We also want to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Now is the time to remember to do something amazing for your communities that are being neglected and there are so many. Remember everyone deserves, safety, shelter, water, love, care and kindness.

We can’t change the past that was created but we can make sure that we don’t repeat it.  This is the very moment that we should be reaching out to as many people and animals as possible to make a difference in their lives.  Slow DOWN for just a moment and rather than thanking for the feast on your table: make sure there is a feast on your neighbors table, your communities and that they have someone to share a moment with.  I hope that we can create a more loving and compassionate world and it starts with you.

To Read more about the impacts of Colonialism, you can go here.

Happy Thanksgiving.

In the comments below.. honor ways that you fight the status quo of our world! Help others know what they can do.


Here is a recipe from our cookbook!  Enjoy.  If you like what you see you can get our cookbook here.  

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