Spread Kindness in 10 Steps

We live in a world that seems to be filled with propaganda on 2 political sides.  It is an agenda set to divide this country. It seems to be designed to feature capitalism at its core and it forgets about the basics of human decency and kindness. We can make human kindness our priority.  The more that we can make this our focus the more that we will spread this. I think that we can change the narrative.  We can guide the forces.  Not only do we vote with our dollars but we also vote with our reactions.  I may not be the same as you.

1. SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE: Be the person walking down the street saying hello to everyone. Make a point to smile at everyone to choose who you will and will not say hello or smile to.  Choose everyone.  Other than just looking like the amazing and strange person walking down the street… in that one act you have made everyone welcome.  It didn’t matter their political standing, their lifestyle, their background, their socio economic status, their race, abilities, and or their connection to you. Maybe then they will say hello to everyone and break down the barriers a little more.

2. REACH OUT: Check in with those that you love. Make sure that everyone is okay.  Ask how people are. Listen when you can… and try not to react.  This is their moment and belief.  Even if you don’t agree… listening helps people feel supported.

3. GIVE BACK: There are so many non-profits in the world. So many that are trying to make this world a better place.  They are passionate advocates for their cause.  Help them make another step towards their mission by donating money or time. A little bit can go a long way, you would be surprised.

4. LEAVE NOTES: Leave a small note for your server, your child, your spouse, you favorite coffee shop, your employee, your colleague.  This small act can make someones day.  It is nice to be thought about. Sometimes we feel alone but feel silly telling people. A little act goes a long way.

5. TAKE TIME FOR YOU: We forget to take time for ourselves.  When we are our best selves we can be our best selves for others. We have to remember to if we are running on fumes we will break, get angry, forget our strategies for being our best self and more.

6. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND SHARE IT: Enthusiasm is addictive.  Even if what you are sharing is not my favorite thing… if you are excited, i am going to be excited.  It feels great to see someone love what they do.  It makes others happy.  It is a ripple in the airwaves. Blast those airwaves.

7. BE GENUINE: Directness, kindness, honesty and a genuine self allow people to trust in you.  people know that you say what you mean and that you follow through.  It feels good to trust in that. It is also so refreshing to feel a persons genuine self. I like you for you.  Let’s not hide who we are.  Not everyone is going to be our best friend but it would be nice to find a best friend that loves our true self.

8. SAY NO: Say no to the negative things in our world.  Don’t let them into your life. Although it is difficult to be 100% awesome all the time, although we may try.  We can realize that this is a time that we are allowing for a strength and this is a time we are demanding change for betterment. Work to remove the negative things from your life, whether that is people, activities, time etc. You can choose what comes in and takes space in your world.

9. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR MISTAKES: Sometimes the most powerful moments that I have are when I realize I did or said something wrong of hurtful, even if it was without intention and I acknowledged it. You don’t have to make it a big deal. Admit, apologize and move on. It is a powerful moment.

10. BE KIND: It is simple and true. Be kind.  Do small acts.  If you see glass in someones driveway remove it. DOn’t let them get a flat tire. Pick up trash from the side of the road. Buy a coffee for the person behind you.  Double your recipe and drop it off to the local homeless community.


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